Lightning is one of the most spectacular displays in nature. Bolt temperatures hotter than the sun. Shockwaves radiating out in all directions. In Dutch, this deadly natural phenomenon is called "Bliksem."


photo © Tim Tronckoe


Peggy Meeussen – Vocals
Toon Huet – Guitar
Jeroen De Vriese – Guitar
Jan Rammeloo – Bass
Rob Martin – Drums

On their second album, on which the band has worked for over 2 years in between their touring schedule, BLIKSEM is exploring the boundaries of heavy music. Inspired by the classic rock and metal albums, their compositions range from utterly doom & gloom to furious fast thrash and from grooving midtempo hymns to psychedelic weirdness but always with a strong feel for melodies and harmonies. Every single track in accordance with the dark, authentic lyrics by Peggy Meeusen reflecting her soul-searching journey.
No triggers, clicktracks and other technical devices being used and neither is the band playing hide & seek by writing about fantasy, horror, satan or other (metal) cliches.
BLIKSEM is as pure as it gets!

BLIKSEM is influenced by: Janis Joplin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica, Death Angel, Metal Church, Alice in Chains, Monster Magnet & Mastodon

A Brief History 2010-2014

In 2010, the band enters Antwerp's Little Big Studio to lay down five tracks. The result is a stunning EP of powerful thrash metal garnished with heavy prog elements. The EP gets rave reviews in numerous magazines/e-zines such as RockHard Germany, Aardschok NL, Lords of Metal, RockHard France and RockTribune Belgium as well as alternative-oriented press. Critics, both metal as alternative media, praise the quality thrash and some go as far to declare Bliksem the best thing to happen to the genre in years. Bliksem quickly establishes a strong live reputation playing dozens of youth centers and local metal and rock festivals around Belgium and soon moves up to bigger stages.
In 2011 Bliksem expands their horizon, playing many gigs in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, along with a fiercely convincing performance at Slovenia's Metalcamp festival. Highlights are Holland's Paaspop w/ Hell, Enslaved and Accept as well as Dutch chart toppers, and the renowned Eindhoven Metal Meeting (with Exodus, Heathen, Immortal and other metal greats). The momentum continues, and Bliksem is asked to support Channel Zero, Angel Witch, Vanderbuyst and Prong and requested for after shows for Mastodon and Megadeth. In 2012, Trix Music Centre in Antwerp chooses Bliksem as the first-ever metal band to be its new "Artist in Residence," an honor previously bestowed on highly successful Belgian bands such as Triggerfinger. Festival appearances include Waterpop in the Netherlands, a perennially popular and varied event that draws some 20,000 visitors, and Torhout's heavy-duty Masters@Rock Festival alongside Soulfly, Clawfinger and Channel Zero. Hereafter the band enters the studio to record "Face the Evil," the long-awaited debut album. Combining blistering tandem guitars, thrashing drums, pounding bass and furious vocals, the resulting eight songs not only explore themes including revenge, oppression and madness but also celebrate the timeless glory of metal. The debut album has been released February 25th 2013 through the Spanish Alone Records. It got rave reviews in many important magazines like Aardschok(Netherlands), RockTribune (Belgium) and RockHard (Germany).

Hereafter BLIKSEM played both headlineshows as well as support gigs for wellknown bands such as Enslaved, Orange Goblin and Death Angel and appeared at the annual Roadburn Festival. The band had an extremely succesful performance at the prestigious GMM 2013 in Dessel where Peggy Meeussen afterwards was even mentioned alongside DOWN's Phil Anselmo and Slipknot/Stone Sour 's Corey Taylor as most remarkable artists of the festival. They were featured on national Belgian Television on TV8 and the band was in the top 10 as most active/travelling Belgian live bands.

BLIKSEM continued their victory tour during Summer 2013 at e.g. Antwerp Metalfest(B), MetalDays (Slov) , Zwarte Cross Into The Grave Festival (NL) and Turock Open Air (Ger). Hereafter they were one of the highlights @ Speedfest (2013).
In the annual sales list of Belgium Metalzone Record stores Bliksem was the best selling Belgian metal band in 2013!

They delivered the goods as only metal band @ Scumbash (2014) and Paaspop (2014) and at the huge annual Appelpop in 13th September 2014 (65.000 cap) where they alongside multi platinum artists like Kaiser Chiefs and Caro Emerald.
Summer 2014 the band supported Anthrax in a sold out Patronaat-venue with great succes as well as PRONG this summer (july 27th), and they were invited to play as only non-grunting band at Stonehenge Festival 2014 (July 26th 2014) where they performed alongside Obituary, Possessed and Impaled Nazarene.

In nature, the most severe kind of lightning experience is a direct strike when a cloud-to-ground lightning strike hits you instead of reaching the ground. The full impact of the lightning courses through your body. Statistically, it's the most fatal. What happens during a stage-to-audience Bliksem strike?
Find out when Bliksem hits your town!

A selection of translated quotes from Festival and Show Reviews:

BLIKSEM @ Graspop Metal Meeting 2013
w/ Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Entombed, Katatonia, DOWN plus over 100 acts!
"Peggy Meeussen of BLIKSEM belongs to Top3 of most convincing artists of Graspop Metal Meeting!"
"Peggy got the whole crowd eating from her hands with her band!"

BLIKSEM @ Speedfest 2013
w/ Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Vista Chino, Bullet, Valient Thorr, Scorpion Child and many more!
"BLIKSEM 100% convincing at Speedfest!"
"BLIKSEM made it clear they deserved the bigger stage with their high energy thrash!"

BLIKSEM @ Into the Grave Festival 2013
w/ Satyricon, Paradise Lost, Sodom, DevilDriver, Jungle Rot
"BLIKSEM is like an oiled machine and makes strong impression!"

BLIKSEM @ Zwarte Cross Festival 2013
w/ Riverside, Apokalyptischen Reiter, The Charm & the Fury, Herder
"BLIKSEM is THE revelation of the stage today. Peggy's voice has more balls than James Hetfield nowadays!"
BLIKSEM "Highlight of the festival"

BLIKSEM @ Scumbash Festival 2014
w/ The Toy Dolls, Discharge, Peter Pan Speedrock and many others!
"Peggy of BLIKSEM would have been a perfect follow up for Bon Scott. Great show!!!"

BLIKSEM w/ Anthrax in Patronaat/Haarlem 2014
"Frontwoman Peggy can easily handle a big stage with her fantastic voice and performance and her band is extremely tight!! Soon they can headline these stages themselves!"

BLIKSEM @ Stonehenge Festival 2014
w/ Obituary, Possessed, Fleshgod Apocalyps
"In between all death and blackmetal bands, Bliksem was a very welcome surprise. During their song The Life On Which They Feed arose a big moshpit"



BLIKSEM Gruesome Masterpiece
01 - Crawling In The Dirt
02 - Kywas
03 - Room Without A View
04 - Mistress Of The Damned
05 - The Hunt
06 - Morphine Dreams
07 - Twist The Knife
08 - Barbaric Nation
09 - Fucked Up Avenue
10 - Out Of The Darkness


BLIKSEM Face The Evil
01 - The Life On Which I Feed
02 - These Tales Of Tragedy
03 - Disciples
04 - Dead End Road
05 - Face The Evil
06 - Insanity's Curse
07 - This Time
08 - Mr Man
BLIKSEM download FACE THE EVIL on iTunes


01 - The Horror
02 - Unbirthmark
03 - Follow
04 - The Life On Which I Feed
05 - Circus Schizophrenia
BLIKSEM download BLIKSEM E.P. on iTunes